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Classic artisan panettone - orange and raisins - 800g

Classic artisan panettone - orange and raisins - 800g

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The panettone will be sent from the first days of December.

This is one of the two products from the 2023 limited edition collection, made by Chef Roberto Revel
Slow leavening panettone, glazed on the surface with almond glaze and whole almonds.

We make our panettone in Valle d'Arroscia at 1000 meters above sea level But a few km from the Ligurian Sea. This microclimate allows our panettone to obtain unique aromaticity. To this we add the great experience in processing and the best raw materials.

To make our panettone we take 36 hours of processing.

• very high quality panettone flour;
• naturally powered hens eggs;
• No artificial aroma, no preservative, but only pure vanilla Madagascar and essential oils of citrus fruits;
• Mother yeast;
• Mountain air.

What's inside? In this version you can find a light dough forrance navel candied by hand 12x12mm, Australian raisins and vanilla of Madagascar

What's above? A Armelline and toasted almonds glaze

Ingredients: Wheat flour, butter, sugar, raisins, candied orange, egg yolk, almond glaze (sugar, rice flour, armor, modified starch of corn, egg white), natural yeast, almonds, skimmed milk in powder, salt, aromas.

We advise you to heat each slice for 15 seconds in the microwave, just before enjoying it. By following our advice you will exalte the aromatic bouquet and the creaminess of the dough.

P.S. Being a totally artisanal panettone, we recommend consuming it within 45 days.

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